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  • pinLAB2c
  • pinLAB2c

Connect bi-colour or dual-package LEDs to the PFx Brick using the pinLAB-2c. Use the pinLAB-2c to connect a pair of LEDs with a common anode using only 3 wires. This connection can also be used to connect bi-colour LEDs. The pinLAB-2c is fitted with individual current limiting resistors on every output so that LEDs can be safely connected without their own limiting resistors. The pinLAB-2c is useful in situations requiring bi-colour directional lights in applications such as train locomotives whereby a single 3-wire connection can independently control a white and red LED in a directional light. LABs plug in to the standard 10-pin Lighting Dock connector on the PFx Brick.

▪ 30 mm x 31 mm 
▪ 16 light outputs (8x channels x 2x outputs)
▪ 0.1" 3-pin male header connectors
▪ gold plated connectors
▪ Integrated LED current limiting resistors



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