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  • duoLAB
  • duoLAB
  • duoLAB
Double your lighting connectivity options with the duoLAB Lighting Accessory Board (LAB) 2-way splitter. The duoLAB allows you to connect any combination of Fx Bricks LAB accessories to either double your lighting capacity or to simultaneously connect 2x different types of lighting products (e.g. USB lights and Fx LEDs). The duoLAB plugs in to any standard 10-pin Lighting Dock connector on the PFx Brick or LAB extension cable. LABs plug into either of the 2x LAB dock output connectors and rest on 4x nylon posts ensuring a stable and secure mounting position.

The duoLAB is nominally designed to plug into the PFx Brick with a vertical stack orientation. However, it is possible to mount the duoLAB in any convenient orientation using a LAB extension cable and by securing the LAB using the 8x LEGO® stud clearance holes. These holes are spaced according to the standard LEGO® system 8 mm stud pitch.

  • 31 mm x 45 mm
  • 2 light dock outputs (2 mm pitch, 10-way female sockets)
  • 1 light dock input, rear mounted (2 mm pitch, 10-way male pins)
  • gold plated connectors
  • 8x 6 mm nylon mounting posts
  • vertical orientation



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