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  • usbLAB
  • usbLAB
  • usbLAB
  • usbLAB
Connect your USB powered lighting products to the PFx Brick using the usbLAB. The usbLAB plugs in to the standard 10-pin Lighting Dock connector on the PFx Brick, a duoLAB splitter or LAB extension cable. Please note that the usbLAB is intended for use with USB lighting products ONLY–it should not be used with other USB peripherals such as flash drives, mice, keyboards, etc.

The USB lab can be plugged into any 10-pin light dock connector in either an up or down orientation. When the channel labels (1-4) are facing up, the USB connector ports correspond to light output channels 1-4 respectively. Conversely, if the channel labels (5-8) are facing up, then the USB connector ports correspond to light output channels 5-8. Therefore, if 2x usbLABs are connected to a duoLAB splitter, it is possible to assign every light output channel 1-8 to a unique USB connector port (both usbLABs must be plugged with opposite orientation).

  • 34 mm x 20.5 mm
  • 4 light outputs (assigned to either ch 1-4 or 5-8)
  • USB 1.x/2.0 standard A receptacle
  • gold plated connectors



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