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S32 Straight Track on sale Mar 1, 2021 00:00 EST. Limit 3x per customer. Deliveries estimated to start mid March 2021 when stock arrives.

EU customers, please visit our authorized reseller JB Spielwaren for your Fx Track needs!

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OBA Open Wagon

  • OBA Open Wagon
  • OBA Open Wagon
  • OBA Open Wagon
  • OBA Open Wagon

299 pcs. Instructions to build a LEGO® model of the British Rail OBA / ZDA air-braked open wagon. This 3-in-1 kit includes 3 instruction books to build any one of three livery variants: 1) OBA Railfreight Red/Grey, 2) ZDA Civil Engineers Yellow/Grey and, 3) ZDA Signal & Telecom Engineers Red/Yellow. All instruction books include printable stickers for extra detail. Electronic parts list files for each variant are included to help with collecting and purchasing bricks to build the model.

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery for full kit including bricks, printed instructions, and stickers.

Digital Instructions


Printed Instructions


Full Kit Railfreight


Full Kit Engineering


Full Kit S&T Livery


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