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EMD F59PH Locomotive (GO Transit)

  • EMD F59PH Locomotive (GO Transit)
  • EMD F59PH Locomotive (GO Transit)
  • EMD F59PH Locomotive (GO Transit)

884 pcs. Instructions to build a LEGO® model of a GO Transit liveried EMD F59PH diesel locomotive. The digital instruction book includes instructions to build the locomotive for unpowered, 9V, and Power Functions operation. Also included are sticker graphics to print onto standard self-adhesive label sheets to complete your model. Full instructions for sticker application as well as prototype history and notes are included.

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery for full kit including bricks, printed instructions, and stickers.

Digital Instructions


Printed Instructions


Full Kit


Full Kit Motorized


Full Kit Motorized + Sound


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