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4x Fx LED Extension Cable (256 mm)

  • 4x Fx LED Extension Cable (256 mm)
Fx LED Extension cables are premium products designed for durability and performance. All cables use connectors with gold plating for maximum electrical performance and reliability. Furthermore, all cables exclusively use very thin and flexible wire from ESU in Germany. ESU wire has been the trusted premium wire used by elite model railroaders for many years. Extend your Fx LED connections by 256 mm (10 in. / 32 studs) using these extension cables.

  • 36 AWG ESU stranded wire (imported from Germany)
  • very thin (0.5 mm) and flexible wires
  • gold plated connectors
  • 0.1" pitch 2-pin male to female connection
  • compatible with pinLABsolo, pinLABduo, & pinLABquad

4x Fx LED Extension 256 mm


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