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S32 Straight Track on sale Mar 1, 2021 00:00 EST. Limit 3x per customer. Deliveries estimated to start mid March 2021 when stock arrives.

EU customers, please visit our authorized reseller JB Spielwaren for your Fx Track needs!

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PFx Brick IR 16 MB

  • PFx Brick IR 16 MB
The PFx Brick IR transforms your LEGO® creations with awesome new possibilities for lighting and sound effects! All of these features are simple to use and customized by you using the free PFx App. The PFx Brick works with all of your existing LEGO® Power Functions™ accessories including battery boxes, motors, and remote controls. The integrated USB connector allows the PFx Brick to connect to your Windows or Mac OS X computer for configuration and can also be used as convenient alternative power source during operation.

Mechanical Feature Summary

  • 4 x 5 studs x 6 plates tall
  • 32 mm x 40 mm x 19.2 mm (L x W x H)
  • 1x Power Functions™ input connector
  • 2x Power Functions™ output connectors
  • micro-USB connector
  • 10-pin lighting dock connector
  • 2-pin speaker connector
  • 3-pin IR sensor connector
  • status LED

Electrical Features

  • 5–12 VDC input voltage range (auto-sensing)
  • 1.5 A continuous (3.0 A peak) output drive
  • 100 mA continuous current drive per light output channel
  • 2.0 W speaker output max power
  • low current (<40 mA) standby current
  • 16 MB audio storage capacity

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PFx Brick IR 16 MB


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