We are happy to announce that we are accepting pre-orders for the PFx Brick and its associated accessories. Please note that production will be occurring Jun–Dec 2017 and estimate shipping Jan 2018 or sooner.

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  • picoLABsolo
  • picoLABsolo
Connect up to 8x of your Brickstuff picoLEDs™ directly to the PFx Brick using the picoLABduo. LABs plug in to the standard 10-pin Lighting Dock connector on the PFx Brick.

  • 30 mm x 17 mm
  • 8 light outputs (8x channels x 1x outputs)
  • 0.8 mm 2-pin JST SUR series connectors compatible with Brickstuff picoLEDs™



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