Fx Track is new system of L-Gauge metal train track compatible with LEGO® brand 9V and RC track elements. Experience all of the advantages of running LEGO® model trains on metal rails, including limitless power without batteries, reliable smooth running and more options for control. The Fx Track system offers both the beginner and advanced hobbyist a superior quality track product for layouts of any size or shape!

Why Metal Track?

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  • Metal rails are more durable than plastic rails
  • Metal rails resist bending and twisting for better alignment

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  • Avoid environmental impact from disposable batteries
  • Save money from battery replacements

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  • Powered track lets you run trains all day long!
  • No more waiting for batteries to run down

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  • Deliver more power to track for heavy and/or fast trains
  • Your choice of DC or DCC power sources

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  • Injection molded ABS plastic
  • Dark bluish gray colour

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  • Nickel plated Copper-Beryllium alloy rails
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Excellent electrical conductivity

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  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • UV safe plastic + corrosion resistance make garden railways a possibility!

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  • Sturdy click connections for fast setup and takedown
  • Protected electric connections without rail joiners

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  • Compatible with LEGO® brand 9V track elements and accessories

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  • Compatible with LEGO® brand RC track elements
  • Compatible with L-Gauge plastic track elements from other manufacturers

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System Catalog

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The Fx Track System offers LEGO® train fans a variety track elements to build all kinds of interesting layouts and track configurations.
  • 7x Curve radii from R56 to R152
  • 3x Straight rail lengths from 8 to 32 studs long
  • 40-stud long switches (equivalent to R104 radius in diverging route)

Straight Tracks

8808 - S8 Straight Track

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  • Length: 8 studs (64 mm)
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  • 8 pcs per box (512 mm total length)

8816 - S16 Straight Track

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  • Length: 16 studs (128 mm)
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  • 8 pcs per box (1024 mm total length)

8832 - S32 Straight Track

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  • Length: 32 studs (256 mm)
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  • 8 pcs per box (2048 mm total length)

Available March 1, 2021

Curve Tracks

8856 - R56 Curve Track

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  • Radius: 56 studs (448 mm / 17-5/8")
  • Sector: 22.5º
  • 16 elements per full circle
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  • 8 pcs per box (half circle)

8872 - R72 Curve Track

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  • Radius: 72 studs (576 mm / 22-11/16")
  • Sector: 22.5º
  • 16 elements per full circle
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  • 8 pcs per box (half circle)

Pre-order soon

8888 - R88 Curve Track

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  • Radius: 88 studs (704 mm / 27-23/32")
  • Sector: 11.25º
  • 32 elements per full circle
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  • 8 pcs per box (90º circle)

8904 - R104 Curve Track

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  • Radius: 104 studs (832 mm / 32-3/4")
  • Sector: 11.25º
  • 32 elements per full circle
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  • 8 pcs per box (90º circle)

8920 - R120 Curve Track

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  • Radius: 120 studs (960 mm / 37-13/16")
  • Sector: 11.25º
  • 32 elements per full circle
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  • 8 pcs per box (90º circle)

Switch Tracks

8040 - P40 Switch Pack

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Switches sold in a bundle containing:

  • P40L Left Switch
  • P40R Right Switch
  • 2x R64P curve tracks
  • 2x S8 straight tracks

Coming 2021

8140 - P40L Left Switch

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8240 - P40R Right Switch

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  • Length: 40 studs (320 mm)
  • Diverging route offset: 8 studs (64 mm)
  • Vee Angle: 22.62º
  • Equivalent radius of diverging route: 104 studs (832 mm)

What is L-Gauge?

L-Gauge is an unofficial term used to describe the hobby of LEGO® System trains which use the common track gauge of 37.5 mm or 40 mm centre-line gauge (5 studs). The L-Gauge standard is described at l-gauge.org. This community site defines the fundamental characteristics, specifications, and geometry of key items such as the track, wheels, couplers, loading gauge, etc. of LEGO® System trains. The standard is not official nor binding to any organization or individual.

See the chart below to see how L-Gauge compares to other popular model train scales:
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Get Started Designing Your Dream Layout!

Design your next layout with BlueBrick (by Alban Nanty); an excellent open source software tool for designing LEGO® based layouts. You can arrange baseplates, track, and other items into any desired layout configuration. Assign different drawing layers for each item, generate parts lists, add text annotations, and much more. BlueBrick comes pre-installed with many different parts libraries, including LEGO® track from the 4.5V era up to current 9V/RC track. Fx Track is represented in the Schematic track libraries available for download from l-gauge.org or directly from the links below.

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Useful Links

Visit the BlueBrick layout software site to learn more about BlueBrick and to download the latest version:
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Visit l-gauge.org to learn more about the LEGO® train hobby and download some useful libraries and instructions:
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Visit ldraw.org to learn more about the LDraw parts library standard and the ecosystem of CAD software based on LDraw:
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Download BlueBrick schematic track layout libraries in either colour or monochrome styles get started:
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Download Fx Track LDraw parts to start designing instructions or to build LEGO® models which use Fx Track:
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