Demo Model: WALL⋅E (set 21303)

One of the first models we built the PFx Brick into was the LEGO Ideas WALL·E set 21303. Check out the video to see the results, and read on to learn more about how we used the PFx Brick to bring WALL·E to life.

The WALL·E set almost seems like it was designed to be augmented with the PFx Brick. Only a few modifications were needed to run LEDs to the his eyes and control panel, house an M-Speaker and battery box in his body, and attach 2 Power Functions M-Motors to drive his tracks. There is even a nice space on his back to attach the PFx Brick itself, which just makes it look like he's been given an upgraded power pack.

We configured WALL·E to be controlled using the Power Functions Joystick Remote, and different behaviours are mapped to all four channels of the remote.

  • Channel 1 controls WALL·E's startup and shutdown actions, which include playing 2 startup sounds, turning the LEDs in his eyes on using a 'flicker-on' lighting effect and turning the control panel LED on. Pulling back on the right joystick remote will turn everything off.
  • Channel 2 is configured to control the lighting. When the LEDs in the eyes are toggled on and off, a shutter sound is also played. The LED on the control panel can either be turned solidly on, or put into 'sound modulated mode' which will cause it to flicker in coordination with any sounds that are played.
  • Channel 3 controls the playback of four different audio files, which are individually triggered by pushing or pulling each of the joysticks.
  • Channel 4 is configured to control the motors, so that WALL·E can be driven around using a standard track drive steering scheme.

One cool feature of the PFx Brick is that it 'listens' to all four channels simultaneously, so multiple remotes set to different channels can be used to simultaneously trigger any of the actions above.

It was really cool to see how much character could be added to the WALL·E set by integrating a PFx Brick. He's no longer just a static model sitting on our shelf. Once the PFx Brick is released, we will be providing How-To guides and downloadable profiles for models like WALL·E, so that you too can bring him to life.

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