XL Speakers in Stock!

We are so happy to announce that the new XL Speaker brick is back!  We finally received the first 200 of 1500 XL Speaker enclosures from our manufacturers.  These new enclosures are injection molded in light bluish grey (LEGO medium stone grey) ABS plastic.  The new design also incoporates an improved speaker cone with both a higher power rating and better frequency response.  Furthermore, we engineered the enclosure for optimum sonic performance by designing a vented and reinforced box which securely mounts the entire speaker body from all sides.  The enclosure design eliminates parasitic resonances with a system of internal ribs and struts to bolster the speaker cone and ensure an overall rigid structure.  We are so impressed with its sound projection and clarity!  


  • 4 x 6 studs x 6 plates tall
  • 32 mm x 48 mm x 19.2 mm (L x W x H)
  • Light bluish grey (medium stone grey) colour
  • 100 mm connecting cable with 2-pin 2 mm pitch male connector
  • gold plated connectors
  • 3 W continuous, 4 W max power handling
  • 4 Ω impedance
  • 82 dBA SPL @ 1 W / 0.5 m
  • 200 Hz – 20 kHz nominal frequency response

They're Here!

1st generation 3D printed PFx Brick (left) new 2nd generation PFx Brick (right) injected molded in ABS

1st generation 3D printed PFx Brick (left) new 2nd generation PFx Brick (right) injected molded in ABS

The new injection molded ABS enclosures for the PFx Brick have finally arrived from our manufacturing partners in China! Late last week we received 80x (out of the final 1000x) enclosure top and bottom components. As a result, we have been able to perform final assembly and test on a small batch of PFx Bricks in order to adjust our production processes around the new PFx Brick. We are thrilled at just how amazing the PFx Brick looks and performs! And we are hopeful you will be equally impressed and look forward to start shipping in the next few days.

We do have a sizeable production backlog, but we will working hard to get through it as fast as we can. We will also keep the order tracker on our website as up to date as possible so that you can keep track of your order progress.

In other news, we are still aiming for a launch of the Fx Track system this summer. We will be starting with the S8 and S32 straight tracks and the R72 and R88 curved tracks. We have approved the final production versions of the product and are ready to start the manufacturing process. We still have a great deal more work to do, including retail packaging, updating our e-commerce and distribution processes, but we feel confident that we will on "track" for this summer. Following the S8, S32, R72 and R88 track elements, we plan on releasing the S16 straight track and R56 curved track later this year. In parallel, we are still working with our manufacturing partners to establish cost and schedule for the amazing P40 Left and Right Switch tracks. The P40 switch is designed to fit into the geometry of the L-Gauge track system and therefore requires a few additional companion elements for us to manufacture. These include the R64 curved track for making return curves for parallel sidings and the unusual S1.6 and S3.2 straight tracks (shown below) used for making perfectly aligned yard ladder configurations.

And if new tracks were not enough, we are very likely going to produce updated versions of our popular M and XL speaker bricks with injection molded ABS enclosures! Now that the PFx Brick has a cool new brick enclosure, we felt it was only logical to give the speaker bricks the same treatment! Shown below are some prototype designs we are considering for manufacturing...

As you can see, we are super busy at Fx Bricks and we can't wait to offer the Lego community amazing new products and building opportunities! Stay tuned to fxbricks.com for more news!

New S32 Track Samples with Logos!

We recently received a new batch of S32 track samples from our manufacturers. These samples include the molded Fx logos on the studs as well as the track element ID molded directly to the stud tops on the connector plates at each end. The inclusion of element ID was based on suggestions from our fans during our product reveal at Brickworld Chicago last June. We thought it was a good idea and have therefore included it in every element mold and it is reproduced consistently on the end connector plates.

We're making steady progress and hopefully we will have R72 and R88 curve element samples very soon. In fact, I hope to have samples at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend in Denmark this September--it all depends on our manufacturing partners. We're very happy with the quality of the product so far and look forward to making our new track system available as soon as we can!

A Peek Inside Fx Bricks--How It's Made

Achieving our certifications for the PFx Brick gave us the final "green light" to ramp up production. As a result we have been very very busy!

So far, we are tracking on schedule to start shipment in Jan 2018. However, this does not mean everyone receives their items in Jan. The fulfillment process will be pipelined in parallel with production and will likely take at least 3 months. We will start fulfillment in the order of backer pledges--that is, we will start with the first backer to make a pledge and proceed down the list to the last backer.

Sometimes its difficult to appreciate the process behind making electronic products like the PFx Brick. Some of you may be surprised to learn that we didn't just have the bricks made in some anonymous factory in China. Instead, we operate like Swiss-watchmakers: all PFx Bricks are hand crafted and assembled in-house. This gives us the following advantages:

1. We have direct control on quality

2. We have direct control on production schedule--we are not at the mercy of external suppliers.

To achieve efficient in-house production we have designed tools, jigs, workflows, and processes to build the PFx Brick to the highest standards of quality. So far, we are very proud to announce that we have achieved 100% yield on our assembled/tested PCBs! thought you'd appreciate a behind the scenes look at the Fx Bricks lab, and how we get things done...

First, here's a look at Fx Bricks HQ! Our lab space--optimally arranged for production...

Precision manufacturing requires precision tools!...

A sea of assembled and tested PFx Bricks...ready for final assembly into the housing...

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