Congratulations OcTRAINber 2019 Winners!

Once again, our good friends at Brick Model Railroader hosted the "OcTRAINber" train building contest. This is such a fun event with so many amazing entries, so we were pleased to sponsor prizes to support it again. This time, BMR challenged builders to showcase their Technic skills and build a model with interesting mechanical and functional features.

The BMR team recently announced their winners and we were again very impressed with the quality and creativity of all the entries.
We offered 2x prize packages:
1. PFx Brick + XL Speaker Package
2. PFx Brick + M Speaker Package

Here they are!

The winner of the PFx Brick XL Package is Narmot (Chris Stone) for his imaginative cartoon train "Casey Jr." from Dumbo. It's a super cute animated steam locomotive which shifts and wiggles as it moves. It's a truly "living" steam engine with personality and character! We're sure the PFx Brick upgrade will give Casey Jr. a great voice! Great job, Chris!

Our PFx Brick M Package winner is Denis Garnier for his impressive "rolling road" test bench. It is awesome to see someone actually create a rolling road test bench, something we've been meaning to try for a while. Denis' creation has many clever functional details that look like they can be easily adapted for many types of locomotives. The icing on the cake was Denis' superb model of the SNCF 140C steam locomotive used as a "test subject". Well done, Denis!

Congratulations again to all the OcTRAINber 2019 winners! We look forward to getting Chris and Denis their PFx Brick prizes packages delivered to see what they'll create next.

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