Thank you for a great launch!

Since the exciting launch of our Fx Track system on Mar 1, we have been truly blown away by the response and support of our customers.  We have nearly sold out of our first production batch of S32 straight tracks in both our Canadian and EU inventories in less than 3 days!  We expected a positive response, but we did not expect such a rapid sell out--thank you so much!  There are still some small remaining quantities in both the Canadian and EU stores, so if you're still on the fence about placing an order, time is running out before our inventories our completely depleted. 

We are already getting our next production runs setup with our manufacturers for much larger production batches of not only the S32 straight track, but also the R72 curve track.  We are also going to try to expedite the introduction of the R88 curve and S8 straight track into the product catalog.

For those of you have bought the S32 straight tracks, we have confirmed that they have shipped from Hong Kong to both our inventory locations in Canada and Germany.  Once those shipments have cleared customs and have been delivered, we will do our best to get orders packed and shipped as soon as possible.  We will ask for some patience since it will take some time to process the large volume of orders.

Once again, thank you so much for your confidence and support of Fx Bricks and our new Fx Track metal track system.  We are so proud of the product and can't wait for you folks to get it into your hands into your layouts!  In the meantime, we are doing are best to make more tracks and get them to our stores as soon as we can!

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