Thanks for a great campaign!

We think 421 must be our lucky number! We had 421 awesome backers on our last campaign, and now we have to thank another 421 awesome backers for making the PFx Brick a reality! Of the 421, we would like to especially acknowledge the repeat backers who came back and supported us on this campaign. It is your faith in this project which made it all possible and gave us the motivation to launch again.

We're going to be opening our web store very soon to start accepting pre-orders on the PFx Brick as well as its associated accessories. Many of you were wondering about getting multiple rewards for your pledge. We're going to try to make this happen using the Kickstarter reward survey platform as best we can. Also, if you want to add more items to your reward (now that your pledge is locked in)--you will be able to do this on our web store with a special coupon code which will alert us to add it to your reward and combine the shipping. More details will follow once we get the system up and running.

We're super-excited to get the production of the PFx Brick going! We will have a lot to do in the next few weeks, and will do the best we can to respond to your questions and feedback--even if it might take us a little longer to do so!

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