PFx App Update v.1.07

The desktop PFx App (Windows & macOS) has been updated with some exciting new features!  You can upgrade your PFx App directly from the app itself, or by downloading from our website here.

New Features

1. Virtual Remote Control

The PFx App supports mouse right click on a remote control button or knob to quickly set a pair of actions like motor control or brightness control.  Now, we've added left-click actions which make the remote control image perform just like a virtual remote control.  This lets you quickly test a remote control action as if it had actually been received from a real physical remote. As you move the mouse cursor across the remote control image, it changes shape to indicate that a left click action is available.  Clicking a button on the remote control image, sends a command to the PFx Brick to perform the action associated with that remote on the current IR channel.  Note that the PFx Brick will perform the action that is stored on the brick.  Therefore, if you edit an action, make sure you save the configuration first.  This will ensure the action associated with a remote control button will be the same both in the PFx App and the PFx Brick.

2. Quick Swap of Actions between IR Channels

Moving a group of remote control actions from one IR channel to another required manually reprogramming each action.  Now, you can conveniently swap all the actions from one remote control channel with another.  For example, if you have motor control actions on Ch 1 but want to move them to channel 2, you can simply click the "Swap With..." button, select the desired IR channel 2, and the all of the actions for Ch 1 and Ch 2 will swap with each other.  This new feature is safe to use since it never erases any remote control actions, it simply exchanges them.  Therefore you can undo a swap by repeating the same swap operation.

3. Drag and Drop File Operations

The PFx App now supports convenient drag and drop file operations between the PFx Brick and your computer.  

3.1 Copying to the PFx Brick

To add new files to the PFx Brick, simply drag files from your computer into the PFx App "Files" section.  The PFx App will automatically detect and convert supported audio files as well as recognized script files which have a ".TXT" file extension.  When you are finished adding new files, make sure to click the "Save Changes" button to begin the actual file transfer process.

3.2 Copying from the PFx Brick

The PFx App now supports copying files from the PFx Brick to your computer.  Since file transfer operations can take a long time for large files, the file transfer process takes 4 steps:

1. Click and drag a desired file from the file list

2. If the PFx App does not have a local copy of that file already, it will prompt you to get the file.

3. If you click Yes to get the file, the file transfer process will begin.

4. After the file is transferred, you can simply drag the file out of the PFx App and into your computer.

The PFx App now includes a convenient file status indicator in the right column showing where the file is physically located.  A file could either be on the PFx Brick, the PFx App, or on both.  An empty circle shows the file is not present and a filled circle indicates the file is present.

4. Script Execution

Since the last PFx App update and PFx Brick firmware (v.1.40+), the ability to run script files has been added.  This PFx App update makes the process of quickly testing script files easier by letting you run/stop scripts directly from the PFx App.  To run a script, simply click a recognized script file, and click the "Test/Run" button. Note that the script file must already be copied to the PFx Brick (the PFx circle indicator on the right column should be filled).  You can stop a running script file by pressing the "Stop" button or simply let it continue to run.

To speed up the iteration of debugging and testing new scripts, you can follow this 4 step process repeatedly for each iteration of your script file:


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