Congratulations BMR OcTRAINber 2018 Winners!

Our friends at Brick Model Railroader hosted a fun train building contest called "OcTRAINber". This year's build challenge had an interesting twist: you had to build a model train that is "foreign" or outside of your typical model train "comfort zone" geographically speaking. When BMR came knocking on our door looking for sponsorship prizes for the contest we were excited and eager to help!

We offered two prize packages:

1. Holiday Train Conversion Kit + Speaker Wagon + PFx Brick package

2. PFx Brick + XL Speaker package

The team of judges at BMR have recently announced their winners and we must say that we are super-impressed with the quality and creativity of all the entries! Alas, there are 4 models worthy of the Grand Prize (real & digital), Best Foreign Factor and Best WIP Story titles. We are pleased to announce that the Holiday Train Conversion kit grand prize is awarded to Andy Mitchell (aka Hod Carrier) for his sublime Ferrobus model! It is a stunning example of a creative small model packed with clever details!

The winner of the PFx Brick + XL Speaker package is Alexander McCook's Lartigue Monorail. Alexander (aka narrow_gauge) is an accomplished and gifted Lego train builder based in Australia, in particular his narrow gauge steam locomotives are truly a work of art and engineering!

We look forward to sending both Andy and Alexander their well deserved prizes very soon!

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