PFx Brick Project Update (Aug 2017)

Its been a very busy summer for us! Getting the PFx Brick project in motion has required a great deal of time and energy and a lot more will be required to keep up the momentum! We want to give you an update to let you know what we have achieved and the status of the project.

1. Reward Surveys: All surveys were sent out late June and we have received 389 out of 410 surveys (95%). Please take a moment to complete your survey if you have not done so already, it will help us with more precise production quantities.

2. Add-ons & Store: Since opening the store, we have been really amazed by the activity. Kickstarter backers have added another 461 items to our production queue by adding everything from additional bricks, upgrades, and add-on accessories. We have also received orders for an additional 102 items from folks outside the Kickstarter campaign. Thanks so much everyone!

3. Purchasing

i. 98% of all the electronic components have been ordered, with around 96% received already. Unfortunately, we have long lead delivery notices for the Bluetooth modules and some of the Flash memory devices. We've been told to expect them Sep-Oct depending on factory supplies. For the flash memory, we are sourcing alternative compatible devices to speed up delivery.

ii. All of the picoLEDs have been ordered from Brickstuff including the add-on quantities offered during July.

iii. All Light Accessory Boards (LABs) modules have been ordered for manufacture by our Chinese supplier.

4. PFx Brick Volume Production: We have completed our design for the volume production panel for the PFx Brick printed circuit board (PCB). This panel not only allows for rapid manufacturing, but it also includes customized smart features that let us test and program PFx Bricks directly in the production panel even before they are separated for final assembly! This will dramatically accelerate integration and testing and let us catch assembly defects earlier in the production process.

5. 3D Printing: We have just about converged on a final design for the PFx Brick housing from 4DBrix. We think the two-tone (light & dark bluish gray) brick enclosure looks really awesome! We're really lucky to work with a LEGO focused partner like 4DBrix since they implicitly know both the requirements of functional LEGO elements and the capabilities of the ABS 3D printing process.
6. Retail Packaging: We have finalized the design for the various retail packaging required for our products. We think the design is crisp and clean with all of the required regulatory and safety markings. The packaging design and colour scheme is consistent with the online store for a harmonious product portfolio image.

7. More accessories: We have added some additional accessories to the store including:

  • 4x packs for Fx LEDs and Fx LED extension cables
  • 512 mm lengths for LED and Speaker extension cables

We're really excited to get the PFx Brick into production and we'll continue to work hard to deliver them to you as soon as we can!

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