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Introducing the PFx Brick. A device which transforms LEGO® creations with awesome new possibilities for lighting and, for the first time, sound! All of these features are simple to use and customized by you. The PFx Brick is currently a mature pre-production prototype product. Please support our Kickstarter campaign aimed at putting the PFx Brick into mass production. We are excited to finally share the result of many hours of intense and rewarding engineering design and development that we have invested into the PFx Brick!
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Feature Summary

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Plug and Play

  • Works with all of your existing LEGO® Power Functions™ accessories
  • Turn it on, and its instantly ready to be controlled with any of your IR remotes
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Unparalleled Lighting Fx

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Finally… Sound Fx for LEGO® Models!

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Sophisticated (and Powerful!) Motor Control

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  • Setup your PFx Brick just the way you want it!
  • Easy updates to keep your PFx Brick up to date
  • Programmer’s API for DIY fun and customization
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Energy Efficient

  • Automatic power management for excellent battery endurance
  • User selectable auto shut-down modes
  • Connect to a USB power source* instead of a battery for indefinite usage time!
  • Low standby current consumption:
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*Motor output speed limited by 5V USB voltage. A >1A USB power source is recommended for simultaneous use of motor, lighting, and sound Fx.